Diva Style -- fabulous purple shirts to buy!

If you like purple and mountain biking, have we got a shirt for you! Three, in fact, for biking or relaxing with mountain biking in mind.

All Diva shirts feature our logo on the front in white & pink
and "mud sweat and pearls" on the back
short-sleeved technical T-shirt $24
looks great with pearls and arm warmers!

long-sleeve technical raglan-style $34
Four season wear -- perfect for bug protection on cooler summer rides, on its own spring and fall, or as a base layer for winter outdoor fun

long-sleeve cotton T-shirt $22
great for relaxing after a ride

long-sleeve cotton (left) & tech (right) 

Stylish Divas and Bobs (i.e. men) in Utah
(special limited edition men's gray cotton T's)

Divas rocking purple at Serenity Falls cabin, Eklutna
T-shirts are available to members only.  Please email the members email to find out how to order yours.

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