Saturday, August 26, 2017

Chugiak Ski Trails and Beach Lake

Christine led a small, but determined group through the Chugiak ski trails near Beach Lake.

Yay! We're biking in the rain - again!
WOW - The puddles were enormous! Lots of fun getting muddy!
The path out to the ocean view was a bit wet, but that didn't stop the group!

Far North Bicentennial Campbell Tract

Another rainy Wednesday did not deter a group of seven Divas who biked the Far North Bicentennial Campbell Tract from from the Abbott Loop Community Park.

Rain, what rain???!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Kincaid from Stadium Parking Lot

Another rainy Wednesday did not scare a small, but tough group of Divas for a ride at Kincaid from the Stadium parking Lot.
Michele led us on an adventurous route, and managed to totally avoid a very large group of Arctic Bike Club racers!
Michele and Katherine bike up a steep ski trail on the way back to the Change of Pace trail.
Kirsten pedals past some massive Devil's Club with a massive smile.
Krista is always happy when she's biking with the Divas!
Whose legs are whose??  Three muddy Divas strike a ballet pose to show off the dirt - what a fun, wet, muddy ride it was!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Powerline to Green Lake

 Seven intrepid Divas arrived at the Glen Alps parking lot, greeted by a stiff wind and some stray, spritzy raindrops. We actually toyed with the idea of driving somewhere lower to escape the wind, but we pressed on, battling the weather, and made it to Green Lake.
The rain picked up as we rode east toward the lake, but we were not deterred!
 Judy, Krista and Bonnie - one of our leaders, bike out from the gorgeous, wet scenery at the lake.
Diana - our other leader, bikes the fast downhill back toward the trailhead.
The rain did not crush Judy's Spirit - or her smile!
Krista and Bonnie enjoy some gravely downhill on the way back.