Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 10 - Downhill from Upper Huffman to Hillside STAs

 It was a perfect night for a ride!  A few very nice husbands shuttled us to the Upper Huffman Parking, where we began our ride.

JoAnn and Cecelia ride the fun downhill on the newly diverted South Rim Trail - what a blast! 

Lisa cruises around a dusty corner of the South Rim Trail.

Rae was confident on her descent of South Rim.

Lisa had a huge smile pasted on her face!  

Kristine stirs up some dirt on South Rim!

Gess cruises past some fireweed on the STA trails.

Michele leads the way up one of the Hillside STA trails.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Kincaid July 3

Hot, hot hot!  The summer is turning into a hot one, with possible record-breaking temps. Riding in the woods at Kincaid was a great way to partially escape the heat. We divided into 3 groups and had a really fun evening.

 Christine cruises through a section of Middle Earth.

Nancy's group stopped for a photo on Second Breakfast.

Kaity cranks through Middle Earth to Mize, where we headed back to the stadium.

Happy, happy Divas at the end of our ride!

Matanuska Lakes June 26

Six adventurous Divas drove to Palmer to ride at Matanuska Lakes. We battled some hungry mosquitos, but it was a fun and fabulous evening!

JoAnn cruises through the green trails.

Gloria makes her way down the trail.

Carlene pedals hard despite the warm temps.

Fun & watermelon after the ride!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Kincaid - June 19

Sun, and more sun! We had another perfect summer night to ride at Kincaid. We split into 2 groups and took off from the Jodphur parking lot.  The grass is growing fast and tall! Nancy was leading her group and biking around a grassy corner on Bolling Alley and almost ran (literally) into a black bear.  Make noise when you're cornering in those grassy, hard-to-see spots. This bear heard us coming and ran away, but whew.....

Kristine's group was happy, happy!

Everything's greening out fast!

Such a great night for biking.

Natasha cruises through C$Express.

Kersten was a happy Diva!

Rose maneuvers a corner.

Kristine brought cookies and we celebrated a perfect night!

Friday, June 14, 2019

Campbell Tract - June 12

This was a perfect, sunny night for biking. We gathered at the Abbott Loop Community Park, and three happy Diva groups headed out in different directions for three awesome rides.

Mindy, Lisa & Kristine's group!

Riding into the sun!

Rae leads the way at the end of Root Canal, AKA Speedway.

 Bonnie cruises through the green.

It was Marlee's first time on Root Canal! YAY!!

Kristine takes a groupie/selfie at the end of Rover's Run.

Happy group!

Some of us stayed around at the end and basked in the sun.

More fun and silliness!
More and more smiles!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Hillside Singletrack!

It was a dark and stormy night....  ⛈ There was a big storm brewing north of us, but it stayed away, and we hit the Hillside trails for the first time this season. It turned out to be a stellar evening of biking!
 Kristine's group paused on Ticket To Ride for an awesome photo opp!

Jo-Ann and Ruthie on "Three Birds" feature!

Rose's group conquered the first half of Gauer Power - one of the newer downhill trails!

Kersten was all smiles through the tall grass.

Happy, happy on a bike!

Katie cruises over the rocks at the start of Gauer Power.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Kincaid single track May 29

Cold, blustery conditions met us at the Kincaid Stadium, but we layered up and three groups headed out for a great night of biking.
Nancy's group had a blast!