Friday, September 7, 2018

Kincaid - August 5

          Beautiful weather brought out a large group of Divas, anxious to ride at Kincaid!
Nancy's group had a fantastic time riding Middle Earth!
Kersten rides over the boards onto Northwest Passage, a super fun descent all the way down to the Coastal Trail.
Gess glides over the boards.
Nancy also rode the boards into the fun that is Northwest Passage!
Michele and Krista take a selfie with a large black bear in the distance!
The bear was hanging out where Boling Alley meets Mighty Bikes. (photo by Michele)
Several moose were also spotted by Divas on a fun-filled ride! (photo by Michele)

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Powerline - August 8

Cloudy skies and cooler temperatures didn't deter these Divas who rode Powerline to the lakes and back.
A happy group at the lake.
Kristine stops to check out the scenery.
These divas are HAPPY!!! Yippee!
Kersten cruises by for a photo.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Kincaid-July 25

Rain, rain, go away, but it didn't! And 5 water-resistant Divas showed up to ride! Nancy led the way over to a soggy Boling Alley. We splashed through puddle after puddle after puddle, and ran into a moose with a calf. She was stubborn, so we retreated, hit Sandbox to Kitchen Sink to Tower Power and back to Boling Alley. But the moose and baby found us there, too! So, we wound our way back on the ski trails.
By the end of the ride, we were soaked and muddy, but what a fun ride!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Mirror Lake - July 18

More perfect weather greeted us at Mirror Lake where the trails were in perfect condition for a fabulous ride. Two loops make up 3 miles of ups and downs - at times very challenging! We did several loops, both directions, and had a great workout!
We found one of the Alaska Dirt Diva markers on the yellow loop! We donated money to help build the trails, and we have 2 markers out there - pretty cool!
Maggi let out a whoop whoop as she rounds a corner.
 JoAnn concentrated on making a curve after a steep climb.
Gloria was enjoying the ride!
Gloria and JoAnn show off their Diva shirts next to the matching Diva logo on the post.
Rose and Nancy took a moment to point out the post!

Kincaid - June 27

YA-HOOOOoooo!! A very enthusiastic group of Divas takes a photo break during a ride at Kincaid.

Hillside STAs - June 20

It was a warm and beautiful night for a ride on the Hillside STA single-track trails. We divided into a couple of groups and headed out.
After climbing Drone and Queen Bee, we stopped for a photo opportunity before heading on. Fun night, fun ride!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Kincaid Singletrack

Nancy's group was all about having fun, and the smiles prove it! And, we did some skill building along the way. YIPPEE!
Happy, happy group!
Bev's smile pretty much sums up our ride as she zips around the final Toilet Bowl curve.
Judy rocked the rocks on Tower Power.
Shelley ventured out on her FIRST-EVER mountain bike ride and she was awesome! She's a true Diva now!
Krista smoothly navigates a curve on Toilet Bowl.
Rae confidently climbs up Stairway to Heaven.
Diane also kicked Stairway's butt!
Bonnie, who was our sweep, glides around a curve on Toilet Bowl.