Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Ride and Event schedule: Spring 2022

(Originally posted on 4/27/22)

May is just around the corner and the snow is melting fast! That means it's time to prepare for the dirt riding season - hopefully to begin by late May this year. As always, our official rides are on Wednesday evenings, with events on other days added by members. Please add events to the Meetup site.


Before you ride:
Use the Alaska Dirt Divas Meetup site to RSVP the rides you plan to attend (links included)
Sign up to lead or co-lead a ride - we always need leaders and sweeps!
Have your bike and yourself ready to ride at the scheduled time
Remember to bring your helmet

May 11     6:30 pm     First ride of the season!
Chuck Albrecht fields parking lot: pavement ride

May 18     6:30 pm     Spring fling!
Delaney Park Strip near 10th and P (west end): dress-up pavement ride on Coastal Trail

May 25     6:30 pm     Dirt or Pavement? (remember to stay off dirt trails until they are dry)
Chuck Albrecht fields parking lot: Far North Bicentennial Park (dirt) Or Campbell Creek and Chester Creek Trails (pavement)

May 25    6:30 pm   (note the revised location!) Hit the dirt!
Jodhpur Trailhead: Kincaid Park our first dirt ride of the season will be on the singletracks. (revised on May 19, 2022)

June 1     7:00 pm (note new time!)     Hit the dirt, part 2!
Jodhpur Trailhead: Kincaid Park singletrack ride!

June 8     7:00 pm     Dirt trails: wide and singletrack mix
Abbott Loop Community Park Trailhead: explore Campbell Tract and Far North Bicentennial Park

Monday, January 3, 2022

Winter days and nights

I love when people post up winter rides on the Meetup page. First my brain says: "ooh, I really should do that," and then it might say "but it's cold and dark out and you work tomorrow." I might follow the temperatures and then just say: "you have the gear; now charge that light and bundle up because you need to ride with the girls!"

And that is usually the best answer.

While the number of holiday season gatherings I attend has shrunk to near zero, I especially miss the Solstice rides we used to do, so when Gloria posted a ride for December 19, I made sure my light was charged!

Just four of us rode that night down trails that were sometimes a bit squirrely, but mostly had soft landings. Few people were out. The temperature hovered around 20 degrees: perfect in my book. And a perfect way to enter the holiday weeks. With whoops and laugher - the voices of familiar friends.

Bev with her colorful bike in the reflected light.
Taken by Gloria

My wish is that we will seek out opportunities to ride, hike, ski, snowshoe and just enjoy the outdoors together this winter. Go ahead. Post up. See who joins you. Maybe a new friend. But if we don't see you on the trails this winter, I hope we will all be riding together when our official season begins the first week of May. Watch for it. We'll be here for you.

posted by Rose

Thursday, November 4, 2021

The 2021 season recap

It has been over a month since we had our last official ride of the season, a ride on sometimes snowy trails in 40-degree temperatures in Far North Bicentennial Park and the Campbell Tract. Unusual conditions during this uncertain time, but with good friends who enjoyed every moment of a beautiful fall evening that also looked like winter.

Michele and Maggi enjoy a crisp evening.

When the organizers made the decision to delay the start of the scheduled rides this year, we hoped that our community would have a higher vaccination rate by early July. It was not to be, yet we pedaled on anyway. Because after 2020, we missed riding with friends. We missed meeting and welcoming new  riders into our little group. We missed the energy and, for some of us, we really missed the post-ride treats and social time!

Even the mud loves our bikes!

Normally, we end our season with a party filled with prizes for the people who show up to lead, sweep, and ride - among other things, but we'll just need to wait to get together at another time when people feel more comfortable sharing indoor spaces. We do have some statistics for you - thanks to Gloria who kept the tallies again this year (we need a prize for her!).

Though our group experienced a short and somewhat rainy season, it was also filled with fun rides with friends. Most rides had small group sizes, but on July 14th, 15 riders showed up for our largest group of the season! The next largest group sizes were 11 people on both August 18 and September 22.

The Divas who attended the most rides were Michele with 10 rides, followed by Rae and Kirsten who both attended 8 rides! Way to go, Divas!

Clockwise from Michele in front, Rae, Nancy, Rose, Kirsten, and Maggi

Tour of Anchorage Trail

Tour of Anchorage Trail

High water at the bog

Campbell Creek

The Divas who led the most rides were Jo-Ann with 4, followed by Lisa K., Nancy, and Rose (with 3 each). We didn't do a tally to see who posted up the most unofficial rides, but these were great opportunities to ride on weekends or other days when people were available.

Nancy and Michele

 Now that we're heading into the winter riding season, be sure to post up rides on the MeetUp page. If you want a small group, post a ride size limit (a smaller group is a bit easier on the coldest days). And if you want to post up for a hike, ski or snowshoe outing, you can do that, too! Let's do our best to keep connected and active in the outdoors this winter. 

Be sure to post photos!

As for next year, in 2022 we expect to start the official riding season sometime in May. For now, it's time to dust off the winter bike, maybe take the mountain bike into your favorite mechanic for any maintenance you were putting off until end of season, and make plans to meet with friends soon.

Hello Sunshine!


posted by Rose
photos by Michele Murphy

Monday, July 26, 2021

Support Hemlock Burn trail

Hi Divas -

If you have not already heard, Singletrack Advocates (STA) is urging their members to support changes in state park regulations that will open more areas to mountain and fat bikes - including electric assist versions on certain trails - specifically, the new Hemlock Burn Trail.

You can send your letter of support to Letters are due at 5pm on July 29th. 

Read the new proposed regulations here:

View the detailed version here:   

Below is a copy of the letter STA sent in support of the regulation changes:

STA's Letter of Support
Singletrack Advocates (STA) supports the Alaska Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) proposed regulation changes regarding the use of Alaska State Parks.  STA is Anchorage's local mountain bike trail nonprofit that preserves, maintains and creates singletrack trails in our community. Specifically, STA supports the regulation change to allow bicycle use on the Hemlock Burn Trail.  Bicycle use on this trail is specified in the Chugach State Park (CSP) Trail Management Plan, and adopting DNR's proposed regulation changes will finally allow bicycle use, which will meet the trail plan's intent.  STA and CSP have partnered to develop this amazing trail for our community for biking, hiking and skiing. STA led the development of the trail, raised the funds to build the trail, managed the construction of the trail, and will maintain the trail.  Considering STA funded, constructed, and will maintain the Hemlock Burn Trail, this regulation change is necessary to allow bikers to utilize this asset. We are excited to develop this successful partnership with Alaska State Parks to bring world-class recreational opportunities to our community.  

STA Steering Committee

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Rain riding Divas!

For our third ride of the season, Michele led a casual ride in the rain at Kincaid. Way to go, Divas!

Michele, Kirsten, Kate & Rae enjoy the July showers!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Trail building and ride opportunities

Hello Divas. We have a few news bits for you this week.

Singletrack Advocates (STA) has resumed work on the Hemlock Burn Trail in Chugach State Park. The trail is not yet open to riders, but we can help this happen in a couple of ways:

    Donation: It takes funding to build awesome trails and one of our missions is to support trail building and maintenance in Southcentral Alaska. We'll be making a $2,000 donation to STA this week to help complete this trail this summer... so that we can ride it!

    Sweat of the brow: STA will be announcing trail work sessions in coming weeks and we will do our best to fill you in either here or through the Meetup page. You can also get updates from STA's social media or via email when you join STA.

Your Diva friends have been adding rides to the Meetup calendar in the run-up to the "official" ride schedule that begins in July (see previous post on this site). Remember to RSVP the rides you would like to attend and cancel if your plans change. This will help our volunteer ride leaders know how many people to expect at each ride.

About that ride schedule, we still need ride leaders and sweeps for the rides. Please contact Jo-Ann (via the Meetup page or email) if you would like to help lead a ride. And remember, you don't need to be the fastest to lead; you just need to love sharing the joy of mountain biking on our trails and mostly know your way around. Psst, signing up to lead is a great incentive for learning the trails!

See you on the trails!

Saturday, May 15, 2021

2021 Ride Schedule - updated on 8/25/2021

Things are quickly changing in this Covid era, with CDC guidance changing weekly. However, we have put together an abbreviated schedule in the hopes that by the time July rolls around (get it?) most -- if not all -- of our members will be fully vaccinated. Ride locations are subject to change, so check the Meetup for the up-to-date schedule and to confirm your ride attendance. We also encourage you to post your own meetups as a way to connect and reconnect with other Divas.

Many thanks for sticking with us and we hope to see you on the trails!


July: all rides start at 7pm

7      Kincaid: Jodhpur

14    Far North Bicentennial Park: Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead

21    Kincaid: Jodhpur

28    Prospect Heights: South Fork/Hemlock Burn (subject to trail being complete and open) Must have State Parks parking sticker or pay parking fee. EDIT: ride up South Fork Rim and Powerline to Glen Alps and back down.

August: all rides start at 7 pm (see changes in locations) UPDATE: except August 25.

4    Far North Bicentennial Park: Hilltop (beyond the chalet)

11    Kincaid: Jodhpur

18    Far North Bicentennial Park: STA Drone Lane trailhead (before the chalet)

25    Prospect Heights: South Fork/Hemlock Burn (subject to trail being open) Must have State Parks parking sticker or pay parking fee. UPDATE: Ride begins at 6:30 p.m.; Hemlock Burn still not open so this will be an out-and-back ride on South Fork.


September: rides start at 6:30 pm, and then 6 pm

1    Kincaid: Jodhpur (6:30)

8    Far North Bicentennial Park: Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead (6:30)

15    Kincaid: Jodhpur (6:00)

22    Far North Bicentennial Park: Hilltop (beyond the chalet) (6:00)

29    Far North Bicentennial Park: Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead (6:00)


October and afterward

Post up on the Meetup to continue riding with the group into fall and winter!