Monday, July 26, 2021

Support Hemlock Burn trail

Hi Divas -

If you have not already heard, Singletrack Advocates (STA) is urging their members to support changes in state park regulations that will open more areas to mountain and fat bikes - including electric assist versions on certain trails - specifically, the new Hemlock Burn Trail.

You can send your letter of support to Letters are due at 5pm on July 29th. 

Read the new proposed regulations here:

View the detailed version here:   

Below is a copy of the letter STA sent in support of the regulation changes:

STA's Letter of Support
Singletrack Advocates (STA) supports the Alaska Department of Natural Resources' (DNR) proposed regulation changes regarding the use of Alaska State Parks.  STA is Anchorage's local mountain bike trail nonprofit that preserves, maintains and creates singletrack trails in our community. Specifically, STA supports the regulation change to allow bicycle use on the Hemlock Burn Trail.  Bicycle use on this trail is specified in the Chugach State Park (CSP) Trail Management Plan, and adopting DNR's proposed regulation changes will finally allow bicycle use, which will meet the trail plan's intent.  STA and CSP have partnered to develop this amazing trail for our community for biking, hiking and skiing. STA led the development of the trail, raised the funds to build the trail, managed the construction of the trail, and will maintain the trail.  Considering STA funded, constructed, and will maintain the Hemlock Burn Trail, this regulation change is necessary to allow bikers to utilize this asset. We are excited to develop this successful partnership with Alaska State Parks to bring world-class recreational opportunities to our community.  

STA Steering Committee

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Rain riding Divas!

For our third ride of the season, Michele led a casual ride in the rain at Kincaid. Way to go, Divas!

Michele, Kirsten, Kate & Rae enjoy the July showers!

Monday, June 14, 2021

Trail building and ride opportunities

Hello Divas. We have a few news bits for you this week.

Singletrack Advocates (STA) has resumed work on the Hemlock Burn Trail in Chugach State Park. The trail is not yet open to riders, but we can help this happen in a couple of ways:

    Donation: It takes funding to build awesome trails and one of our missions is to support trail building and maintenance in Southcentral Alaska. We'll be making a $2,000 donation to STA this week to help complete this trail this summer... so that we can ride it!

    Sweat of the brow: STA will be announcing trail work sessions in coming weeks and we will do our best to fill you in either here or through the Meetup page. You can also get updates from STA's social media or via email when you join STA.

Your Diva friends have been adding rides to the Meetup calendar in the run-up to the "official" ride schedule that begins in July (see previous post on this site). Remember to RSVP the rides you would like to attend and cancel if your plans change. This will help our volunteer ride leaders know how many people to expect at each ride.

About that ride schedule, we still need ride leaders and sweeps for the rides. Please contact Jo-Ann (via the Meetup page or email) if you would like to help lead a ride. And remember, you don't need to be the fastest to lead; you just need to love sharing the joy of mountain biking on our trails and mostly know your way around. Psst, signing up to lead is a great incentive for learning the trails!

See you on the trails!

Saturday, May 15, 2021

2021 Ride Schedule

Things are quickly changing in this Covid era, with CDC guidance changing weekly. However, we have put together an abbreviated schedule in the hopes that by the time July rolls around (get it?) most -- if not all -- of our members will be fully vaccinated. Ride locations are subject to change, so check the Meetup for the up-to-date schedule and to confirm your ride attendance. We also encourage you to post your own meetups as a way to connect and reconnect with other Divas.

Many thanks for sticking with us and we hope to see you on the trails!


July: all rides start at 7pm

7      Kincaid: Jodhpur

14    Far North Bicentennial Park: Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead

21    Kincaid: Jodhpur

28    Prospect Heights: South Fork/Hemlock Burn (subject to trail being complete and open) Must have State Parks parking sticker or pay parking fee. EDIT: ride up South Fork Rim and Powerline to Glen Alps and back down.

August: all rides start at 7 pm

4    Far North Bicentennial Park: Hilltop (beyond the chalet)

11    Kincaid: Jodhpur

18    Prospect Heights: South Fork/Hemlock Burn (subject to trail being complete and open) Must have State Parks parking sticker or pay parking fee. 

25    Far North Bicentennial Park: Hilltop (beyond the chalet)


September: rides start at 6:30 pm, and then 6 pm

1    Kincaid: Jodhpur (6:30)

8    Far North Bicentennial Park: Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead (6:30)

15    Kincaid: Jodhpur (6:00)

22    Far North Bicentennial Park: Hilltop (beyond the chalet) (6:00)

29    Far North Bicentennial Park: Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead (6:00)


October and afterward

Post up on the Meetup to continue riding with the group into fall and winter! 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Group rides in the Fizz-Dizz era

Hello Divas and other mountain bikers. This has been a strange time on planet Earth, but the cycles of the seasons roll on and we, too, will figure out how to do the same.

Each day, as we watch how our state and local governments make plans for dealing with this Covid-19 pandemic, the Divas are also trying to figure out how we can host events for riders of all skill levels while keeping appropriate physical distance (Fizz-dizz) so that all can stay safe. For this reason, you won't see a schedule unless we are allowed to gather in larger numbers at trailheads.

Meanwhile, at the Spring Fling Zoom chat last evening, people made suggestions for how we can continue to be a group that supports women cyclists.

1) Small Group Rides: Use the Meetup site to post rides for whatever location/skill level you wish; set a limit for the number of people who may RSVP; and only allow those who RSVP to join in the ride. This will require people who must cancel their RSVP to do so in a timely manner that allows others to move from a wait list onto the ride. Anyone can create an event.

2) Interactive Online clinics: There are a multitude of videos on how to change a tire, but sometimes people want the interaction of a clinic to ask questions that presenters may not include in a five minute recording. Using Zoom, we could offer such clinics. People would need to RSVP so that they can be included in the Zoom chat, and being able to use the device's camera will help the trainer see where there are issues.

3) Carry what you need: Sometimes on group rides, we depend on others to offer up a pump, a multi-tool, or spare inner-tube when needed. This sharing and cooperation defines us. However, to minimize the chance of spread of this virus, each of us should plan to be self-sufficient when on the trails. We have always encouraged this, but now it is even more important!

4) It's still a Big, Wild, Life: Trails are starting to dry; the bears are wandering about in the woods and on trails; moose will soon be giving birth to their calves. Ride with awareness and carry your bear spray.

Until next time, see you on the trails!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

July 10 - Downhill from Upper Huffman to Hillside STAs

 It was a perfect night for a ride!  A few very nice husbands shuttled us to the Upper Huffman Parking, where we began our ride.

JoAnn and Cecelia ride the fun downhill on the newly diverted South Rim Trail - what a blast! 

Lisa cruises around a dusty corner of the South Rim Trail.

Rae was confident on her descent of South Rim.

Lisa had a huge smile pasted on her face!  

Kristine stirs up some dirt on South Rim!

Gess cruises past some fireweed on the STA trails.

Michele leads the way up one of the Hillside STA trails.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Kincaid July 3

Hot, hot hot!  The summer is turning into a hot one, with possible record-breaking temps. Riding in the woods at Kincaid was a great way to partially escape the heat. We divided into 3 groups and had a really fun evening.

 Christine cruises through a section of Middle Earth.

Nancy's group stopped for a photo on Second Breakfast.

Kaity cranks through Middle Earth to Mize, where we headed back to the stadium.

Happy, happy Divas at the end of our ride!