Thursday, August 25, 2016

Abbott Loop

Wet, muddy trails do not stop the Dirt Divas! A resilient, fun group showed up to ride Abbott Loop, and went home much muddier than they arrived. Riding through puddles and mud is half the fun, right??

Though it doesn't show as vividly in the photo, most of tonight's Divas headed home with a pile of biking clothes for the laundry, muddy from splashing through puddles and cruising through mud.

A muddy Diva is a happy Diva!!

Thanks to Cecelia and Kaity for taking photos.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Beech Lake Mushing Trails - Chugiak

Somehow, in the middle of a steady rainy spell, the skies cleared Wednesday,  blues skies appeared, and a group of very sun-starved and excited Divas drove up to Chugiak for what turned out to be a great treat of a ride.

 Christine, who is a badass dog musher, led us on the mushing trails she knows very well from running her dogs there. Thanks, Christine, for showing us some new trails!

This was a bonus:  Susan and Christine gaze out over the inlet where the trails led us to for some killer views on a perfect night.

The very pretty, but poisonous bright red/orange mushrooms are prolific this year - don't eat the shrooms, dude, stay away from the pretty shrooms....

What a night! Our ride led us the the shore of Beech Lake, a popular fishing and paddle-boarding location. Although tempting, we decided not to take a swim - maybe next time!

Dirt Divas sometimes know how NOT to get dirty, by going around the mud puddles!

Karen takes photos at the inlet.

This was all-around, a great time - great weather and new trails.

More excellent photos from Dora:

Veronica is a happy Diva in the sun-soaked fields.

Susan rides through the grass.

 Sun, and more sun!
Diva shadows!