Thursday, July 28, 2016

Powerline Pass

The rain did not stop a hearty, strong, and fun group of Divas that rode Powerline Pass to Green Lake.  Dirt Divas know how to dress for the weather in Alaska!

Whoop Whoop Whoop!

Michele, Linda and Melanie were happy Divas at the lake!

Linda, Lindy, Melanie and Michele at Green lake.
Cruising the trail with cloud cover and cool temperatures.

The happy group!
Nancy and Dora rode Powerline earlier thinking it might pour by 7pm and got turned back by a large grizzly on the trail!  Yes, we had bear spray, but luckily the bear just stared us down as it walked nonchalantly toward us, and we sped off on our bikes. There's lots of food for bears out there right now, so be careful and carry bear spray!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


 Many enthusiastic Dirt Divas headed out to Kincaid on another warm evening for a fun-filled ride.

It's always good thing when there are multitudes of smiling faces!

 Photos by Dora, Anna and Krista

Friday, July 15, 2016

Far North Bicentennial

Three groups of Divas headed out from the Abbott Loop Community Park on another beautiful, summer evening. We are seeing more and more sleeveless jerseys put to good use with the recent heat!  It doesn't feel like Alaska to me....

Mary Beth leads the way along Speedway (AKA Area 51), a technically challenging trail with an array of intimidating roots.

Diane rolls over some roots at the end of Speedway.

 DeAnn is determined and gets aggressive with the roots.

 Anne, who unfortunately is leaving us and moving to Utah, glides over the roots as she approaches the intersection with Moose Meadow.

Thanks for being our sweep, Amanda!

Two groups of Divas intersect at the top of Black Bear, everyone excited to be riding on such a gorgeous, sunny night.

More photos from Dora!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Rainy Ride

The rain did not stop a very adventurous and resilient group of Divas that ventured out to ride a slick, but fun, mostly downhill ride.

Woo-Hoo - everyone's favorite - cow parsnip!

Katherine is clearly happy to be riding in the rain!

Russian Lakes

Cooper Landing's Russian Lakes Trail is approximately 22 miles of pure fun, challenging at times, and as it was on this day, overgrown with cow parsnip and other leafy greens reaching out to slap and devour our legs and arms. Because of the slightly overcast skies, we all escaped mostly unscathed, with the exception of one unfortunate Diva face-plant that had nothing to do with the flora.

A happy group of Divas (and one friend from N.C.) sets out for a memorable day.

 The monstrous cow parsnip seemed to mock us, towering high above with its pretty, yet potentially nasty blooms.

                                   The trail opens up for some killer scenery in some spots.

Walking over this narrow bridge was a smart alternative to falling into the icy water below.

                         We stopped to cool off in a stream and were rejuvenated in the heat.