Friday, October 7, 2016

Kincaid - last ride of the season

A happy group of Divas enjoyed a beautiful evening in Kincaid for the last official Wednesday ride of the season. The sunset from C$ was amazing!

Photos by Amanda, Kirsten and Katherine

Saturday, September 24, 2016

South Bivouac

Despite a 100% chance of rain this week, a hearty group of Divas showed up to ride from South Bivouac, and we only had a few sprinkles!

JoAnn led us through the leafy trails in cloudy, subdued light, and we had a blast!

Downed trees did not stop Lindy and other Divas.

Nancy gets her picture taken!!

We were all smiles for the fun ride! Thanks, JoAnn!

Thanks to Kaity Mattos for taking photos!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Eklutna 2016!

Sunny skies and warm temperatures greeted the Divas as they rode out to the Serenity Cabin on Friday. Bike bobs and panniers were packed full of all sorts of supplies and goodies, and anticipation of a good time was clearly in the air. 

Golden, changing leaves created some spectacular scenery for the ride out.

Early riders who were hiking and exploring the forest near the cabin met and greeted the late riders as they arrived on Friday afternoon.

The Serenity Cabin was beautifully surrounded by fall foliage, lit brightly by the sun on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was another story with winds and rain.

Corrine cruised the last couple of miles to the cabin with a large swatch of vibrant, illuminated trees behind her.
 JoAnn seemed happy to be "almost there" as she rode the trail through the woods.

Susan displayed some of the odd and interesting plant life she found in the forest.

Michele was sad because the bumpy trail caused her pack to rub a hole into her perfect garlic bread. But, it didn't matter at all - it was still yummy and perfect once the dirt was cut out!

Michele helped JoAnn prepare Friday's dinner - pasta with pesto, chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms - mostly pre-prepared by JoAnn. YUM!

Joan led the group in some afternoon yoga on the deck, which was much-appreciated.

Impromptu bridge yoga helped some Divas stretch their backs.

Rose's pretty and very natural garland constructed from leaves and a rope she found tied to a tree spruced up the place.

Tree-hugger Rose

Nancy, Susan and Diana showed off their river-silt mud masks that were a first for the Divas at Eklutna. Perhaps a tradition has started!

JoAnn decided to join the Diva mud fest!
Is the water glacier-cold, Kristine??!!

Patti, Susan and Michele hiked toward Eklutna Glacier, along the creek and with gorgeous trees behind them.

Nancy and Kristine cooked blackened halibut tacos for Saturday's dinner - another yummy feast.

Diana had to admit the heart-shaped rock Michele found is a good one, after Michele dragged Diana back out to the woods to retrieve it!
The group faced a windy, rainy ride out Sunday with smiles and optimism after having a great weekend!

The last few Divas to arrive back at the trailhead did not want to let traditional die, so we went for ice cream at Rochelle's - their last day open for the season - our lucky day!


Rainy, muddy conditions didn't stop the Divas on a Hillside ride!

                                                            The muddier, the better!
Karen Mac's very muddy Diva leg!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Abbott Loop

Wet, muddy trails do not stop the Dirt Divas! A resilient, fun group showed up to ride Abbott Loop, and went home much muddier than they arrived. Riding through puddles and mud is half the fun, right??

Though it doesn't show as vividly in the photo, most of tonight's Divas headed home with a pile of biking clothes for the laundry, muddy from splashing through puddles and cruising through mud.

A muddy Diva is a happy Diva!!

Thanks to Cecelia and Kaity for taking photos.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Beech Lake Mushing Trails - Chugiak

Somehow, in the middle of a steady rainy spell, the skies cleared Wednesday,  blues skies appeared, and a group of very sun-starved and excited Divas drove up to Chugiak for what turned out to be a great treat of a ride.

 Christine, who is a badass dog musher, led us on the mushing trails she knows very well from running her dogs there. Thanks, Christine, for showing us some new trails!

This was a bonus:  Susan and Christine gaze out over the inlet where the trails led us to for some killer views on a perfect night.

The very pretty, but poisonous bright red/orange mushrooms are prolific this year - don't eat the shrooms, dude, stay away from the pretty shrooms....

What a night! Our ride led us the the shore of Beech Lake, a popular fishing and paddle-boarding location. Although tempting, we decided not to take a swim - maybe next time!

Dirt Divas sometimes know how NOT to get dirty, by going around the mud puddles!

Karen takes photos at the inlet.

This was all-around, a great time - great weather and new trails.

More excellent photos from Dora:

Veronica is a happy Diva in the sun-soaked fields.

Susan rides through the grass.

 Sun, and more sun!
Diva shadows!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Powerline Pass

The rain did not stop a hearty, strong, and fun group of Divas that rode Powerline Pass to Green Lake.  Dirt Divas know how to dress for the weather in Alaska!

Whoop Whoop Whoop!

Michele, Linda and Melanie were happy Divas at the lake!

Linda, Lindy, Melanie and Michele at Green lake.
Cruising the trail with cloud cover and cool temperatures.

The happy group!
Nancy and Dora rode Powerline earlier thinking it might pour by 7pm and got turned back by a large grizzly on the trail!  Yes, we had bear spray, but luckily the bear just stared us down as it walked nonchalantly toward us, and we sped off on our bikes. There's lots of food for bears out there right now, so be careful and carry bear spray!