Thursday, May 21, 2015

First Dirt Ride

A large, enthusiastic group of Divas showed up for our first dirt ride of the season. WOO-HOO! We rode Campbell Tract dirt and gravel trails and had a fun, fun time!

Michelle provided the Woo-Hoos, Ya-hoos and and Yippees, clinching her spot as Most Excited Diva of the Day!
Ashley proved that young legs, perhaps, are better, and some of us were jealous of them.

Rose to the rescue - AGAIN!!!  She dove right in to help some other riders who were more than thankful for her mechanical prowess. We sure appreciate her!

Gloria and Dora whizzed through the woods on an amazing-weather evening, with happy smiles on their faces.

It doesn't look like anyone is having a bad time!  Thanks to Linda (and Maggi) for leading this half of the group and to Rae for sweeping.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Denali weekend

With huge apologies to JoAnn and Corrine who got wet when they went 2 weekends ago - we had a spectacular sunny weekend riding in Denali National Park!  The sky was blue blue blue and we were not!

Diane, Patti, Dora and Nancy - along with a few friends and spouses - stayed dry and happy as we made our way into the park.  Wildlife was abundant!!

We had frequent wildlife encounters with grizzlies (some with cubs),  moose and herds of caribou!

Look at that BLUE sky!!! Dora and Patti were all too happy to pose at Sable Pass after the long climb up and up and up.

Photos by Dora and Nancy - Dora took the awesome photo of the mama with 3 cubs!!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 13 Greenbelt Ride

A very enthusiastic group of Divas showed up to ride from the Chuck Albrecht Fields  - a pavement ride on greenbelt trails. The temperature was warmish and the sun wasn't in our eyes as we zigged and zagged our way over the rivers (and highways) and through the woods.....

Our leader - Christine (with a "C") - pointed out many interesting sights along the way and guided us fearlessly away from wildlife lurking in the shadows.

Karen Lee glides effortlessly through a beautiful woodsy section.

Linda emerges unscathed from a dark tunnel.

Maggie is happy about riding the hill she's climbing!

Patti photobombs from the back left corner at the mid-way point.

Nancy hits a bump while photographing from her saddle.

Better late than never!!  Cecelia DID show up!!  YAY!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Denali Park Road

Corinne and I braved the rain. Yes, it started raining on our ascent to Sable Pass and rained all the way up and until we were almost back to our cars. It was very wet. Also, it is almost 9 miles to Sable Pass, not 7.5 as I thought, so 18 miles round trip. I underestimated. I will be wrong again, never fear. The road is in good condition for those of you heading up next weekend. May your ride be “not too windy” and “not too rainy” which makes for an awesome ride.

4 miles in at Igloo where we took off clothes because 45 and dry is warm riding weather

smaller creeks were flowing but still snow filled

here's where the rain started just before the steepest part of the climb.  this is where we were reminded that 45 and raining is cold.

just a little soggy at the top
words by Jo-Ann, photos and captions by Corinne

2015 Spring Formal

Way too much fun at the Spring Formal!

all the usual pagentry ...

bikes weren't left out of the festivities
Rose won Best Decorated Bike with the live flowers on her handle bars and in her helmet

If we had an award for best bag, Maggi would have won.

Nancy was voted Diva of the Day with this outrageous Biker of Love outfit, complete with silver platform shoes that she pedaled in
Diane was fittingly dressed for the Princess award
The tiny pink Cinco de Mayo hat was a nice touch.

dinner at the Snow Goose
photos by Nancy and Corinne

Monday, May 4, 2015

Friday, May 1, 2015

Bike for Women pre-ride

Great turnout for the Bike for Women course pre-ride! Love seeing all those bright jackets when we're on the roads.
Photo by Nancy Richmond.