Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A kitten has lost her mittens!

Another beautiful spring evening to cap a day that started with snow! What's up with these April snow showers? I'm looking forward to some May flowers that should be bursting from all this extra moisture.

I'm dubbing Bonnie the Uber-leader Diva. Once again, she stepped in when the regularly-scheduled leader couldn't make it. She set a blistering pace on the pre-ride of the Bike for Women course so we all got a good workout. Thanks, Bonnie!

And thanks to Kass for tea and Bev for cookies! (it is all about the food afterward, right?)

Someone left a pair of knitted fingerless mittens in the parking lot behind Bonnie's red SUV this evening. I'll bring them to the ride next week.

SPRING FORMAL NEXT WEEK! Can someone post some photos from past spring formals to give new divas an idea of appropriate attire?

Friday, April 25, 2008

Perfect spring evening

On Wednesday, twenty-two of us met for the first true spring ride of the year. Bonnie led us along the Glenn Highway trail from the parking area at Davis Park. Then she fed us homemade cookies! Kass and Lori supplied a rooibos tea extravaganza to wash down the cookies and warm us as the sun set.

Thanks, Bonnie, Kass, and Lori!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

first ride - success!

Eight riders met at Earthquake Park this evening - We planned to ride the road.

Since it was her birthday, we let Jo-Ann lead.

She took us onto the Coastal Trail where there were still stretches of snow and ice. Half of the riders had studded tires - the others bravely followed.

After Point Woronzof, Linda caught us and we hit the road... we'll take the entire lane, thank you!

Afterward, dessert at Sugarspoon.

See you next week!

posted by rose

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meeting, Greeting, and Eating!

Is Dirt Divas about biking or just an excuse to get together and eat?

A few of us met in Jo-Ann's new rumpus room last Sunday night to plan the Meet and Greet for Wednesday. After Lori told us how to make her delicious chocolate chip cookies, we devised a few skits to teach new Divas the rules of the trail.

Then on the Wednesday night, it was showtime at Paramount.
First Rose walked everybody through how to fit their helmet properly.

Then came the rules of the trail:
1. Always wear your helmet (you can't ride with us if you don't and your head will hurt if you fall)
2. Don't follow the person ahead of you too closely (that can also hurt if one or the other of you falls)

3. At a fork in the road, always make sure the Diva behind you knows which way to go (so no one gets lost and misses out on Lori's cookies and other treats).

4. At a group stop, move to one side of the trail s(o that non-Divas can pass easily).
5. Always look your best while riding (even if you're muddy).

Did anyone else know about Katherine's previous career as a game show model?

Friday, April 4, 2008

before we begin

A few Divas gathered at Paramount Cycles for some pre-season training. The goal was to have everyone change out a tube in their tire. We talked about what tools to bring on trail rides, from your pump (and how to use it) to the right inner tube. We shared tips for making the tire repair a little easier, and we covered some details of preparing for a group ride.

So, if you'll be new to riding with the Divas this spring or summer and one of us greets you with a "welcome," and starts squeezing your tires, don't be alarmed. It's part of the pre-ride check over to make sure you have the correct amount of air in your tires. If you should get a flat, be confident that there are more flax-fixingly empowered Divas than ever before participating in rides. I feel better already!

Here are a couple things you should check on your bike:

Make sure you have enough air in your tires. How much? Look at the sidewall and find a range of numbers, such as 40 - 65 p.s.i. For pavement, pump 'em up to the max. For dirt, go low, but not lower than the recommended minimum. (A floor pump with gauge is a must!)

Inspect your repair kit. Did you patch that tube that's still in your seat bag from last year? Is it the right tube for your bike? Have you put all your tools back in the bag and replaced bandages in your first aid kit? Located your mini pump? Remember how to use it?

Did you put your bike away dirty last fall? If so, spritz it down with water (you can mix in a little degreaser if you need it) & wipe it clean. Clean that chain and put on some fresh lube - if you stored your bike after a wet ride, let the lube penetrate for awhile, then wipe it off and apply a bit more.

A well-maintained bicycle is a joy to ride, so be sure to take care of your two-wheeled companion. You've got a big season ahead!

posted by Rose - not the only flat-fixing diva out there!