Tuesday, January 31, 2012


 20 BELOW in Willow didn't deter Susan, Stacey, Bonnie, Bev, Gloria, and Lori from riding the VaMoose tour at the Willow Winter Carnival.  Here is Bonnie's report:

"It was pretty cold!  Gloria, Bev and I drove out together and we saw minus 20 I think.  I don't think it got any warmer than minus 10 out there while riding!   When we finished around 4:00 they said it was minus 17!  We had fun though, but didn't ride as far as planned just because of the cold.  We were out riding for over 3 hours though.  Stacey, Lori, and Susan on the other hand rode the whole 20 mile course I think.  They're experienced winter bikers:) "
Lori looking warm and ready to take either fork

Stacey and Susan still smiling

The sun was high enough to cast real shadows!

Susan and Lori cooling off
They don't even look cold!

Monday, January 23, 2012

always time to ride

Some people have retreated to warmer climes and beaches ... but those of us left behind know that it's always time to ride. The warmer temperatures these last two days just make it even more enjoyable!

If your swimsuit is still buried in a drawer, I hope you're out enjoying all of this great snow on your bike, your skiis, or your feet!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

breakin' in the New Year Diva-style

I checked email at 11:00 this morning, thinking that surely someone would call off the ride because it was 10 below at my house and within 5 degrees of that across town. All I saw were 'see you there' messages from last night. So I bundled up and headed to the Abbott Loop trailhead. Margaret, Susan, Lori, and Jo-Ann were there as promised at noon (only one person bailed and I'm not sure that was because of the weather). Later on, we saw several more Divas who were renting bikes as part of a 'meet-up' event. We rode all the usual fun stuff - Baseball Boogie, Speedway, Rover's, Blue Dot, Lynx, and Birch Meadow. I stayed plenty warm trying to keep up with Margaret, Lori, and Susan.

Jo-Ann, Margaret, Susan, and Lori on Speedway.

Rose's mukluk on Speedway. I hope it wasn't too disappointed in my wimpy legs.

Was my visor at that rakish angle during the entire ride? I'm calling it the new fashion statement for Divas in 2012.