Friday, March 28, 2008

spring riding

There are things you shouldn't ride through...

unless you're willing to follow through.

The winter biking is still very good out in Bicentennial Park. (Not much slush like this!) More people are starting to commute to work - most on studded tires; some braving their routes without the extra grip. I've heard that some people are getting the road bikes out, but most of us are still a few weeks away from that.

Longtime Anchoragites know that just because the spring equinox has passed doesn't mean we won't wake up one morning to find a few inches of fresh snow on the ground.

You'll see that the first few weeks of our schedule is posted here - check it out, then come join us. The meet & greet is a terrific way to connect with club members and find out more about us. See you there!

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

are there any good slush sports?

... besides renting a bunch of movies and hopping on the bike trainer?

I, too, am looking back at photos from sunny biking days. Here is Jamie during a most spectacular July evening (2006) when we rode Powerline Pass. Doesn't that look like Paradise?