Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hillside STA Trails - Bzzzzzzz

Another beautiful sunny evening set the scene for another great ride up the hillside STA trails. Again, we split up into 3 groups because of the fabulous large numbers of Divas showing up!

Katie, a relatively new mountain biker, rode her new Giant Liv bike (yay!) like a pro. Several Divas had brand new bikes on this ride, including Michelle and JoAnn - Paramount is lucky to have Rose luring us all in for these great bikes, and we're lucky to have Rose!

 Susanna leads the way through the green, overgrown trails. A mama moose with a baby in tow forced us to turn around on Queen Bee, but gave us an early bonus downhill. We made up for it with plenty of hills later on the ride!

 Kersten and Gloria buzz through a trail with big smiles - what could be better than mountain biking with friends on a gorgeous sunny Anchorage evening??

                             Amanda and Suzanna hit a sunny patch of fun after a nice climb.

                               Anna's tongue is clearly helping her steer around a tight corner!

          Our fearless leader, Gloria, cruises through and spots a crazy photographer in the trees.

 Rose powers up a hill in the sun - we've been so lucky to have so much sun on the last several Diva rides, and crossing our fingers that it continues.

                                                      Thanks for sweeping Bonnie!
A certain Diva, probably crazed with too much caffeine and chocolate, photo bombs a non-suspecting group of happy Divas as they pose with a fantastic view of Anchorage behind them.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UAA Trails

Another large group of Divas showed up for the Wednesday ride and explored the UAA trails - many of us had no idea these woodsy, hilly trails existed!

 Jess leads one group of fearless Divas up a steep hill, while a second group waits to ride down.

               Karen Lee tackles the hill, most likely envious of the other others heading down!

          Two groups of happy Divas intersect and enjoy a sunny moment of Diva-togetherness.
Trail-side maintenance, anyone?  Turns out Divas work really well together when someone has a technical issue with their bike. Luckily, the bugs weren't out in full force this night!

How many Divas does it take to screw in a chain link??  Despite the excellent effort from many, Jess had to walk her bike out....bummer, but good lesson to learn - always carry extra links and a chain tool!

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Riding the valley

Six of us explored the trails at Matanuska Lakes State Park and Crevasse-Moraine, a Mat-Su borough park.  We found some sweet singletrack.

If you like roots, you'll love what's beyond this sign.  Katherine may be smiling because she's survived the mesa's roots.

STA Trails - Hillside #2

A happy group of Divas -- SUN!, singletrack, and it's mostly downhill from here

Thursday, June 9, 2016

STA Trails-Hillside

Woo-Hoo! It was a spectacular night at the Hillside STA trails with warm temps and plenty of sunshine. With a great turnout, we split into four groups and tackled the hilly trails.

Pam ponders some challenging roots.

Veronica rides downhill through fields of green that grew super tall after the rain a few days before.

Linda pedals hard through a sunny spot along the trail.

Melanie cruises down the trail after a fantastic ride.

Dora is all smiles with Michelle following behind.

Katherine flies past the camera lurking in the grass.

 Go Tia!

Linda H. took this photo of us after we climbed a few hard hills - and we were still smiling!

Diane was mostly hidden in this super grassy area.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

We took this "twelvsie" of one-third of the total group on our ride the evening 
of June 1 at Far North Bicentennial Park.

          Kristen (sp?) - a new Diva (!!!) - tackles the roots at the end of Speedway (Area 51).

 Joan and Lindy cruise through the roots after riding Speedway for the first time this season - it was dry, and a great, challenging way to dive right into our summer riding.

        Katherine also battles the roots, with Veronica (Another new Diva!!) not far behind.

                Maggi and Gloria peddle through the sunbeams in Far North Bicentennial Park.