Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Powerline Nirvana

One of my favorite rides in the Anchorage area is Powerline Pass, so I was excited that a few Divas wanted to ride it the Friday before our scheduled Wednesday night Divas ride.

Six of us met at Glen Alps on Friday morning. The wind was sharper here than at our homes down below. We pulled on bright wind breakers and pedaled out of the parking lot before a dozen cars had shown up.

Stacey & Wendy take a break on the way up the pass.

Lori provides some color to a grayish day.

We paused for photos at the lake.

Lori conquers the big rock.

On Wednesday, eighteen Divas pedaled up the trail. A few rode all the way back down to Hillside at the end.

on the trail by the lake

Another group photo at the lake.

Another man wants to be photographed with Divas!

Jamie on the rock with the most fabulous lighting

Friday, July 3, 2009

fun and rooty

Veronica descends through the birch on Speedway

Lori and Jo-Ann co-led the first ride of July and decided to split the large group into two and to lead very different rides. In the introduction to the ride, Lori described the ride she was going to lead as fun and the one that Jo-Ann would lead as rooty. I think that both rides lived up to the adjectives, and I'd say that some of us even thought that Jo-Ann's course was rooty and fun.

When Jo-Ann outlined the route she was intending to take -- the dog mushing trails between the Campbell Airstrip and the road -- she happened to mention Speedway. A couple of us were curious and asked her to take us on that first. She warned us of the extreme rootiness of it, but we said we could always walk if it was that bad. Yeah, we did some walking. But the riding parts were great fun and the dog-mushing trails didn't seem very rooty after Speedway.

a train of Divas at the firebreak on Speedway