Friday, June 23, 2017

Hillside STA Trails

We had another excellent turnout at Wednesday's ride on the Hillside STA trails, and divided into 3 groups to tackle them.
The sun actually came out for us as we paused at the top of Queen Bee.
Rose maneuvers a twisty, fun section of the trail.
Amy whizzes down the singletrack on Stinger.
Katie powers through the Yellowjacket/Hive intersection.
Heidi and Katherine cruise to meet the rest of the group on The Hive.
Anastasia rides confidently to the intersection.
Kristine's group was full of happy bikers when they gathered for a photo at Rover's Run. Photo by Wendy.
The sign at Rover's wasn't kidding! They saw a huge bear print, but luckily, no sign of the bear! Photo by Wendy.
Wendy and Kristine get goofy!! Photo by Wendy.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Abbott Loop Community Park

Cloudy skies with a few sprinkles mixed in greeted us at Abbott Loop Community Park - 40 of us!!  Great turn-out, ladies!  New Divas are continuing to show up, and that's a good thing. Yay.
Kaity took a photo of us and we're still smiling after a bone-shaking, tooth-rattling ride on the roots on Root Canal. (AKA Speedway or Area 51)
Julie shows off her badge of coolness/courage after a slight mishap with a tree.
Bev cruises around the last corner of Root Canal onto Moose Meadow.
Kaity is back in Alaska for part of the summer - yippee!
It's crazy how Divas seem to find each other on the trails - we ran across Maggi's fun group at the intersection of Moose Meadow and Rover's Run.
Ha! And then who did we encounter on Rover's Run???  Fun times.
Hey bear, hey bear, WHOA - BEARS!!  Krista took this great photo of two plump black bears at the top of Antenna Hill. They minded their own business - lucky for the group, led by Katherine. Great to see them, but even better when they play nice and leave us alone!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

First Dirt Ride!

Spectacular warm, sunny weather greeted a large group of eager Divas that gathered at Kasuun Elementary School. We split into 3 groups to tackle our first dirt ride of the year.
Diana and Michelle led one group on a fun, medium-paced ride.
Our group intersected their group for a quick photo op!
Maggi sped through the woods on the Far North Bicentennial side where Rose led our group.
Rose leads the way through the newly green and bright woods.
Kathy's first-ever mountain bike ride was awesome! 
Gloria approaches a hill bathed in gorgeous, evening light.
We ran into JoAnn's group along the way also - another perfect photo-op!
JoAnn taught skills to her group, and then they practiced. Photo by Bev
Up, up, up Antenna Hill... Photo by Bev
Joan can't contain herself - this is fun!! Photo by Bev

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Earthquake Park to Kincaid

Some Divas just have to ride - rain or no rain, and boy, was there rain! It started out as a steady drizzle, but by the time we rode the Coastal Trail from Earthquake park to the Kincaid Chalet, we were soaked. Between the gusts of wind and the downpour on the ride back, we were happy to return to our vehicles, dripping wet. Hot showers and hot chocolate sure sounded good!
Six water-resistant Divas did not let a little (or in this case, A LOT) of rain stop them. We had to ring out our saturated socks at the finish!
Katherine, leading the ride with Diane, showed off her new, super-fun helmet.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chester/Campbell Creek/Campbell Tract

A multitude of Divas (including many new members!) met at the Check Albrecht Ballfields, and divided into 2 groups.  Half rode pavement in the Chester and Campbell Creek trails, and half ventured onto dirt in the Campbell Tract.
Cecelia led the group riding mountain bikes onto dirt trails on the Tour of Anchorage Trail and into the Campbell Tract. The trails are dry!!
Patti's smile says it all!!
Shaina and Margaret cruise through an intersection.
Margaret and Bonnie ride through the trees on the way back to the ballfields.
Happy Divas!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Spring Formal

WOW - What a perfect night for the Spring Formal!  Oodles of decked-out Divas rode the Coastal Trail, prompting tons of smiles, giggles and thumbs-ups from innocent bystanders who were subjected to our crazy, fun, Diva spirit.

Costumed Divas gathered at Elderberry Park for the start of a very festive evening.
The enthusiastic pre-ride mood was boosted by clear, blues skies, warm temps and plenty of sunshine.
Brenda, the Bride, dared to wear all white, despite being a DIRT Diva!
So many happy smiles!

Woot Woot Woot!!              Pam rides in style!

 JoAnn was happily pink, and Diana & Kristin showed off their super cool fashion!
We were a multi-colored group...
...with lots of pink!
We went as far as Pt. Woronzof, where we enjoyed showing off our costumes.
Wendy was an awesome Robin, with a cape that fluttered in the wind.
There was no lack of fun photo opportunities!
Never too much pink for our group!
I think I can say a good time was had by all....

Nancy Flamingo Diva won a $25 gift certificate to Paramount Bike Shop for Best Costume.

Brenda Bride Diva was runner up and received a bright bouquet of perfectly lovely plastic flowers!