Thursday, November 27, 2008

Giving thanks

remember this mid-April ride?
we'll miss you Jessica!

Thanks for another great year.

When a week is turning upside-down
A Wednesday ride brings me back to earth
To dirt
To wooded trails
To wonderful friends.

I sometimes remind myself that when I least feel like going for a ride, that's when I need it most. But it's more than just the biking. It's each one of you Divas who make every ride unique, inspiring and validating.

So, thanks. By joining a ride you are giving to your sisters-in-dirt. And I hope you are also receiving the wonderful, positive vibe that you've provided me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

posted by Rose

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corinne said...

Thanks to Rose for bringing a profound yet simple idea to Anchorage -- women should bike together. Wednesday night rides have led to many other fun adventures with mountain biking women in the Last Frontier. I am thankful for Divas, especially those who bring cookies and tea to rides :))