Sunday, February 15, 2009

Biking by the numbers

August ride on the Hillside

The 2009 ride calendar has been posted and we've got over 24 rides plus clinics set for the spring, summer, and fall. As the Tally Diva, I record who comes to rides and try to summarize it for the end-of-season potluck. Last year we averaged 11 riders per event, which means a few on the rainy evenings and a veritable bevy on sunny days. Over 85 women rode with us from April to September; only 28 came just once.

The award for most rides went to Bonnie Wanat. She embraced her inner Diva on 23 evenings! Other Divas often seen were Karen Lee (21), Rose Austin (20), Kass Friend (18), Katherine Coons (18), and Sandy Nichols (18).

It's time to start thinking about a spring tune-up for your bike and locking in your Wednesday evenings for Diva rides.

tally ho!


Shelley said...

I am looking for a used women's road bike (for the gold nugget tri i need to start training for!)...Any ideas on where I can find some used ones or does anyone know of any?


bikegirl said...

Hi Shelley -
Not sure if you still need a bike, but, the first step is to know what size bike you need, which is based on your height. Then, make sure the used bike is in good shape, without needing too much work. Otherwise, you may be better off w/a new one.

You could try Craig's List, but that can be iffy. Again, it has to be the right size. Also, you can sign up w/the online forum to search for a bike.

If you are purchasing a used bike, see if the seller will let you take it to a shop for an evaluation/ estimate on any repairs to make sure you're getting a good deal.
You can contact me where I work - Paramount Cycles - if you decide to look for a new bike instead. New road bikes don't have to be super expensive & now is a good time to look.

Good luck with finding the right bike & with your tri. Will you be joining us on the mountain bike this season?