Thursday, June 11, 2009

on singletrack and delicate subjects

We've just had our third dirt ride of the season. Now's the time we discover what is or isn't working for us. Last night Lori took half the riders on a tour of the hilly Hillside trail system while I led the other half up the new STA trails. Everyone tackled the blue (intermediate) loop with power and positive energy. Probably fueled by the sunshiny upper-70-degree temperatures.

Things got broke & Gina had to bail - bummer because she had just been telling me how much she had been looking forward to riding these wonderful new trails. Come back next time, Gina! Brakes were challenged as were butts, not to mention quads & calves. (After a season of climbing, won't our legs be gorgeous!?)

I was talking with another rider about saddles and butts and would like to share a few things about that subject. Choose your saddle well. Saddles come in many shapes and sizes and should be selected based on the width of one's sit bones. For mountain biking, I like the Terry Butterfly

my butterfly
because it's wide enough, but not so wide that I can't slide off the back of it on a steep descent. Each one of us is built differently, so find a saddle that fits you. If you're having a shop install the saddle, ask if you can take a spin around the parking lot to make sure it's the right shape and positioned at the correct angle. It might take a few tries to get the angle just right, but patience will pay off in more miles of riding happiness.

another kind of butterfly

Now, what goes with the saddle? The cycling shorts or pants. If you didn't already know this, the secret is: the pants have padding in them - that's why they make the riding much more comfortable. Be sure to wear them with nothing underneath (no panties). Cycling shorts and pants are designed to eliminate chafing and hotspots and their fabric is thick enough to not be too revealing... if this seems weird, imagine wearing panties under your swimwear. Get the picture? They should fit snugly, but not be so tight that you feel you can't breathe or swallow a gulp of water!

When you're comfortable in the saddle, there's one less thing on your mind so you can focus on the trail and enjoy the experience more fully. Your bike will feel like an extension of your body. That's when you will make leaps in becoming a better rider.

(Corinne was taking photos last night but said she wouldn't post anything until it rains. I'd like to see those pictures, on the other hand...)

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From corinne:
Today was cloudy and cool, and I was curious about those photos, too, so here are a few from the singletrack riders.

Gloria with her new bike frame - can she crack this one on the first ride?

Are they going to make it up that hill before the mosquitos carry us away?

Terry escapes the Hive .. or was that the Jive?

The Dusty Boys Bike Club met the Alaska Dirt Divas at the Gasline.
They came from Anchorage, Mexico, Philipines, and Dominican Republic.

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Happy journey guys.......

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