Saturday, September 12, 2009

daylight goes

With the dwindling daylight, 10 divas left the Airstrip Trailhead parking lot last week for a little adventure in Far North Bicentennial Park. Though rain threatened, we made it through the ride without feeling any sprinkles. I don't recall many dry September rides; we certainly didn't have any last year, did we?

Since it was dry, we charted a course that included rooty singletracks just north of Campbell Airstrip Road, some wider trails, a little jaunt up & down the STA trails and finished by racing the sunset down Black Bear Trail, to Moose Track and the Tour trail. Whew!

No mud holes to slip through (much); no puddles muddying our backsides. The fall colors are turning and the park smells wonderfully rich right now.

The tough part about our rides this time of year is that there's very little time for chit-chat on the trail. It's down to the fun of riding or get caught in the dark. (Also, you'll notice, no stops for photo taking). I guess that's why Jo-Ann has requested that we change the ride location for next week to the Hillside Trailhead. I think she wants to lead everyone back up the STA trails. Can't blame her - they are addicting.

Okay, well, I had a great time leading last week - thanks for following and thanks Karen for the tips on that one corner... I think I need to use a higher gear... carry on!

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