Thursday, October 1, 2009

good-bye to september

We started pedaling a little after six
the light low in the sky
Among the golden leaves
kicked up by tires
Would anyone think it strange
if I hopped off and lay on the carpet
of grass, leaves and soil,
breathed in the scent of fall?

Someone says, "no moose."
Shhh, don't say anything.
Another says, "can't believe we haven't seen any."
Hush, don't say that
afraid that if they hear their names
they will emerge en masse
trot like dogs to a master
onto, blocking the trail
sending us skidding, double-back
u-turn on the wide trail

Birch and cottonwood
spruce and alders
berry bushes and devil's club
all surround us as we race along
Warming on the climbs
cooling our faces, hands and toes
as we descend.

Soon, snow will arrive
we see it across town on the mountains
but now we merge into the scenery
Ten riders become part of the park
We become the moose
Block the trail
swing our heads from side to side
Snort our noses
exhales of steam.

I start down another hill
let out a whoop
hang my butt back
follow the leader into the chill.

posted by rose

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