Sunday, March 7, 2010

winter biking

In the old days, to bike during an Alaska winter you probably went to a warm place like Hawaii. I did that this winter. It was fun, especially the soaking in hot springs half way through the ride.

But with today's technology -- studded tires, fat tires, hand and feet warmers -- the riding can be good all year long on our Anchorage trails. Several Divas ride several times a week. Some of us ride when the conditions are marginal for skiing. Or when our friends want to ride instead of ski and we want to go on a group outing. The fat bikes do a great job compacting the snow for those of us using our summer mountain bikes.

Rose, Jo-Ann, Wendy, and I biked around Far North Bicentennial Park on Saturday and here are some photos from our ride:

Jo-Ann, with excellent head protection, as we finish up Baseball Boogie

Wendy on her fat bike crossing Campbell Creek on Blue Dot trail.

Rose avoiding trees and ice on Campbell Creek

Jo-Ann gliding down Baseball Boogie
(Thanks to Tim for the photo!)

Karen would be proud of my downhill technique AND I missed the tree!
(Thanks to Tim for this photo, too)

Unfortunately, later in the day I didn't miss the trees.
My handlebars ricocheted from tree to tree on Speedway.
Did I mention how soft the landings are when you crash in the winter?

If you haven't biked yet this winter, you've got to try it. Look at how happy Rose and Jo-Ann were when we reached the bridge!


bikegirl said...

Corinne, thanks for posting these! That was so fun... too bad about your crash in "Pinball." I have cleaned it a few times with practice, but often dab if I have any doubts. I almost hit Tim ( after he took my picture. It was a close call.

This has been a great winter for biking & skiing.

corinne said...

Hi Rose ~

THanks for sending along Tim's photos. I think I was saying "you're a brave man" as I tried to avoid him and the tree for that photo.

And thanks for putting Tim's blog site in your comment. I should have added it to the post. Maybe tomorrow evening.

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