Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Red Mountain Adventure

Let the adventure begin!

For the Divas to go on a camping trip, all you need is one instigator. The rest, as they say, are just details. In the middle of the winter, Stacey proposed the bike-camping trip to Red Mountain.

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Getting there involves a road trip to the coastal town of Homer, followed by a water-taxi adventure across Kachemak Bay to the Seldovia area. Then, it's time for the bike ride.

Fully-loaded trailers and panniers

Crossing the water - even a few guys joined the fun.
It was a rough ride out to Jakolof Bay.

Were the waves really 9 feet high on the way out?!
The return trip was much calmer.

Adventurous spirits! Just how many Divas & guys
can fit under one Alaskan tarp?

Never mind the rain...
Check out that fire ring.

Just part of the camp.

The rocks are very different here.

"Hey! We found a snow patch!"

There was mining here in earlier days.

Day-hiking Divas ham it up in the rain.

There's a saying in Alaska: There's no bad weather, only bad gear. Add to that: good friends to make light of the situation when it seems your tent is about to be blown away with you still in it!

No rain on the 18-mile bike ride to Seldovia with its stilt homes...

...to catch the return taxi back to Homer.

Thanks to Mary V. and Gloria M. for use of the photos and for providing an account of the trip. Next year, I'm there!

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