Tuesday, November 9, 2010

5 days, 4 nights: a white rim teaser

How to pack for the White Rim: expect Alaska weather. A little rain, some wind & hail (yes, hail). Sunny days and cold nights that dip below freezing. Like I said, pack like you're here in Anchorage in September. But without the bears. And mostly without the mud. Mostly. And without the clear-running streams or the pushki overgrowing the trail.

The White Rim was all about layers. Layers of clothes added and removed at different times of the day. Layers of rock of red or white forming canyon walls that rose above us; dropped off below us. Layers of stars that emerged at sunset only to be washed from view by the moonlight. In the campsite circle on the final evening, we all took turns donning Maggi's magical flashing glasses to see what wisdom would be revealed. Two words came to me: challenging & joyous. That about sums it up.

We'll have a bunch of photos posted as soon as everyone has time to sort through the hundreds of pictures they took, but here are a few (I'd like to take credit for them; instead I'll take credit for bringing Jon who took all but the campsite pic):
home, sweet dome.
sunrise on day three.

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