Monday, June 4, 2012

too busy (or injured) to blog

An observant Diva who's out of town and yearning for biking in Alaska was visiting the blog and noticed that we're a little behind.  Way behind!  The usual contributors to the blog - now known as the Shoulder Sisters - haven't been riding, so we don't have photos to post unless an able-armed Diva sends them to us.

So here are some highlights of Diva events in the last two months.  Thanks to Lori for the nudge and the photos of Trails Day.  Divas -- send some photos for us to post!


This annual event had all the usual pomp-and-circumstance-and-pagentry.
Lori, last year's Queen, complete with wings

Kristin, this year's queen, also with wings.

Katherine was crowned Princess, by last year's court, Kari and Lori
Michelle received the Sweetest Ride award for her bike decorations.


For the 2nd year, Yvette Gilles from USGS taught us how to be safe with bears and how to use bear spray.
Linda won the best-dressed category for bear spray application.  In the background, Kristin demonstrates the active stance.


Several Divas helped on the new singletrack trails at Kincaid Park.
Lori, Gloria, and Bonnie

Lori, Gloria, and Katherine at the junk car

Maggi and Lori