Sunday, July 1, 2012


A bevy of Divas and bobs were biking in Whitehorse this last week.  Here's a postcard from Lori:

Hi there, just a quick note from the great white north. We are having a great time here in Whitehorse. Our campground is great and I loved my hot shower after today's ride. $1 for 5 minutes, splendid! We are all grouped together but have plenty of space. The downside we did not expect was finding out you can't drive your car back to the campsite. It was not very fun schlepping everything back by hand after a fifteen hour drive but we managed and got moving right at the crack of 10 this morning.

Our first ride divided into two groups. Maggi, Susan, Gloria and I took off down the shwalka lake trail and back to the local ski trails. These ended up being fun, flowy singletrack that took us back to another lake and along a beautiful ridge. The lupine is up and it was so fun and relaxing to just meander our way around. We actually followed the map pretty well! The other group consisted of Wendy, Kevin, two of their friends and susan's son caleb and his friend. They started on "Heartbreak Hill" and I heard it just got better from there.

The trails here are in such abundant supply! We could ride for weeks and never do the same trail twice. Maggi says to tell you we are doing lots of "Diva cross-training" which means walking up hills! Susan says the Dirt Divas are ripping it up!

We have been exploring downtown Whitehorse and biking around there. There is lots to see!
More rides tomorrow, wish we had everybody here to join us, it's great!

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