Monday, June 1, 2015

Matanuska Lakes

Nine Divas dying to ride single-track headed out to Palmer this past Sunday and rode the super-fun, Matanuska Lakes trails - also known as Keplar-Bradley.  It was unusually warm and totally sunny as we zipped around the very-dry trails.

JoAnn showed her excitement with many woo-hoo-hoos as she made her way through the thick, green forest.  There were a few mosquitos, but we weren't totally swarmed.

Julie ducked under a branch to avoid an unhappy wipe-out.

Lisa ducked under the same branch and was obviously very happy!

Cecelia - and everyone else - braved talcum powder dirt that ended up all over our legs. It was a tough ride - lots of good climbs - and we shared snacks and cool drinks at the end.  Who wants to go again???!!!!

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