Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ride change for Wednesday, July 8

Due to the electric pole replacement project in Powerline Pass, this week's Diva ride location will be changed. Instead of starting at Glen Alps and riding up to the lakes, we'll start at Upper Huffman. Here's the info:

Meet at 6:30 pm at Hillside parking lot to shuttle bikes and cars to the Upper Huffman parking lot where we will ride a gravel 1/2 mile path up to the Gasline, down the wide dirty gasoline trail to White Spruce, up White Spruce, to South Rim where it begins with some roots, mud, wood planks, and high grass.  The trail gets better with awesome views down to Prospect Heights and then down the STA trails to Hillside.  In other words, a little bit of everything on this ride.

 If you plan to drive the shuttle to Upper Huffman, be sure you have your annual state parks parking sticker or $5 to pay for parking.

Thanks to Jo-Ann and Bev for doing the reconnaissance on this ride. Looks like fun!


ambs said...

Hello Dirt Divas! I've got a couple questions about this ride, but I can't find any contact info. Could someone contact me at Thank you! said...

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