Monday, August 31, 2015


Well, we packed up our Bobs and panniers and rode out to the cabin on a beautiful and somewhat breezy Friday. What a fun weekend! We pedaled, cooked, talked, watched an enormous black bear across the river, drank wine and laughed, read, napped, hiked, ate some more, drank some more, danced, huddled around a campfire and laughed some more.

                  Cecelia, Kristine and Diana ride out along the lake Friday.
Cecelia, Kristine, Diana, Joan and Nancy were all too happy to ride in the brilliant sunshine Friday on the way to the Serenity Cabin.
 Joan takes photos below Serenity Falls on a hike Saturday afternoon. It cooled off a bit, but the weather stayed beautiful the whole weekend - yay!
Kristine joined the hikers Saturday and was in awe of the magnificent scenery.
Cecelia hikes through the woods and by the river where we spotted the bear the night before.
 Maggi, Beverly and Bonnie rode out for the day and joined the festivities Saturday. We were all happy to spend time with Corinne, who recently moved to Talkeetna.
All good things must end even if you don't want them to, and Maggi, Bonnie and Bev left us Saturday afternoon for the ride back to the parking lot and back to Anchorage.
We managed to tear ourselves away from dancing the night away and built a fire Saturday night. 
       Cecelia, Patti and Kristine pack their Bobs for the ride out Sunday.

     Inside the inner-sanctum of Diva-ness!  Photo by Cecelia

 Exactly HOW MANY crackers did we need?? Never shop when you're hungry...!  Photo by Cecelia

 Bikes and Bobs outside the cabin.  Photo by Cecelia

 Lunch time!  Photo by Cecelia

 A brief stop at the beautiful spot on the bridge on the way out Sunday.  Photo by Cecelia

Loaded and ready to roll!  Photo by Cecelia

 Yes, we had a dance party Saturday night! Whup Whup Wooooo!!!!  Photo by Cecelia

Riding out was a bit chilly, but the sun never stopped shining!  Photo by Cecelia

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