Tuesday, June 21, 2016

UAA Trails

Another large group of Divas showed up for the Wednesday ride and explored the UAA trails - many of us had no idea these woodsy, hilly trails existed!

 Jess leads one group of fearless Divas up a steep hill, while a second group waits to ride down.

               Karen Lee tackles the hill, most likely envious of the other others heading down!

          Two groups of happy Divas intersect and enjoy a sunny moment of Diva-togetherness.
Trail-side maintenance, anyone?  Turns out Divas work really well together when someone has a technical issue with their bike. Luckily, the bugs weren't out in full force this night!

How many Divas does it take to screw in a chain link??  Despite the excellent effort from many, Jess had to walk her bike out....bummer, but good lesson to learn - always carry extra links and a chain tool!

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