Friday, July 15, 2016

Far North Bicentennial

Three groups of Divas headed out from the Abbott Loop Community Park on another beautiful, summer evening. We are seeing more and more sleeveless jerseys put to good use with the recent heat!  It doesn't feel like Alaska to me....

Mary Beth leads the way along Speedway (AKA Area 51), a technically challenging trail with an array of intimidating roots.

Diane rolls over some roots at the end of Speedway.

 DeAnn is determined and gets aggressive with the roots.

 Anne, who unfortunately is leaving us and moving to Utah, glides over the roots as she approaches the intersection with Moose Meadow.

Thanks for being our sweep, Amanda!

Two groups of Divas intersect at the top of Black Bear, everyone excited to be riding on such a gorgeous, sunny night.

More photos from Dora!

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