Thursday, June 8, 2017

Abbott Loop Community Park

Cloudy skies with a few sprinkles mixed in greeted us at Abbott Loop Community Park - 40 of us!!  Great turn-out, ladies!  New Divas are continuing to show up, and that's a good thing. Yay.
Kaity took a photo of us and we're still smiling after a bone-shaking, tooth-rattling ride on the roots on Root Canal. (AKA Speedway or Area 51)
Julie shows off her badge of coolness/courage after a slight mishap with a tree.
Bev cruises around the last corner of Root Canal onto Moose Meadow.
Kaity is back in Alaska for part of the summer - yippee!
It's crazy how Divas seem to find each other on the trails - we ran across Maggi's fun group at the intersection of Moose Meadow and Rover's Run.
Ha! And then who did we encounter on Rover's Run???  Fun times.
Hey bear, hey bear, WHOA - BEARS!!  Krista took this great photo of two plump black bears at the top of Antenna Hill. They minded their own business - lucky for the group, led by Katherine. Great to see them, but even better when they play nice and leave us alone!

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