Friday, July 14, 2017

Kincaid from Jodphur Trailhead

We had another excellent turnout this week, and three happy groups of Divas rode the STA trails at Kincaid from the Jodphur Trailhead.

Gloria was a happy biker on a section of Middle Earth.
The club's newer Gloria - AKA Glo - cruised through a sun-lit section of Hanging Chad, off the main Middle Earth trail.
Anastasia pedaled hard and fast!
Erin also pedaled hard and fast through the high plant life that has grown monstrously tall very quickly!
JoAnn was confident on Hanging Chad.
Yeeeeeeeee-Haaaaaaaaa! Lindy races around the corner of Second Breakfast back onto Middle Earth.
Rose is always happy when she's on her bike - especially in spectacular weather.
Dora powers up a rooty section of Middle Earth.
Petra conquered those roots with confidence!
Bonnie was feeling peaceful when we ran into her group near C$ Express.
Michele's group posed for a quick, happy-moment photo.

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