Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A kitten has lost her mittens!

Another beautiful spring evening to cap a day that started with snow! What's up with these April snow showers? I'm looking forward to some May flowers that should be bursting from all this extra moisture.

I'm dubbing Bonnie the Uber-leader Diva. Once again, she stepped in when the regularly-scheduled leader couldn't make it. She set a blistering pace on the pre-ride of the Bike for Women course so we all got a good workout. Thanks, Bonnie!

And thanks to Kass for tea and Bev for cookies! (it is all about the food afterward, right?)

Someone left a pair of knitted fingerless mittens in the parking lot behind Bonnie's red SUV this evening. I'll bring them to the ride next week.

SPRING FORMAL NEXT WEEK! Can someone post some photos from past spring formals to give new divas an idea of appropriate attire?

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