Saturday, April 12, 2008

Meeting, Greeting, and Eating!

Is Dirt Divas about biking or just an excuse to get together and eat?

A few of us met in Jo-Ann's new rumpus room last Sunday night to plan the Meet and Greet for Wednesday. After Lori told us how to make her delicious chocolate chip cookies, we devised a few skits to teach new Divas the rules of the trail.

Then on the Wednesday night, it was showtime at Paramount.
First Rose walked everybody through how to fit their helmet properly.

Then came the rules of the trail:
1. Always wear your helmet (you can't ride with us if you don't and your head will hurt if you fall)
2. Don't follow the person ahead of you too closely (that can also hurt if one or the other of you falls)

3. At a fork in the road, always make sure the Diva behind you knows which way to go (so no one gets lost and misses out on Lori's cookies and other treats).

4. At a group stop, move to one side of the trail s(o that non-Divas can pass easily).
5. Always look your best while riding (even if you're muddy).

Did anyone else know about Katherine's previous career as a game show model?

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bikegirl said...

omg - it takes me back to Wed. night. I didn't know how fun making up skits could be. I think we should do more skits and Jo-Ann should be nominated for best director!