Thursday, May 8, 2008

Divas ~ A Many Splendored Thing

Another beautiful spring evening for a Divas ride ... and not just any ride ... our first Spring Formal as Divas. Twenty-four Divas, four junior Divas, and one Diva dad pedaled from Elderberry Park beyond Earthquake Park and back. Most of us went to Snow Goose afterwards for food and 'socialables.'


deb said...

Looking forward to a great summer of biking! (put your hand to your mouth and as you pull your hand away make the "MWAH" kissy sound) To all you Divas ! Deb Prince

bikegirl said...

Thanks Lori for leading the ride and for making sure we stopped to check out the scenery along the way... though at times I think WE were the scenery.
And, thanks Maggie for lending your floor pump so people wouldn't have to work too hard on the ride - I think you get some kind of bonus points for that.