Friday, August 1, 2008

Bear-free on Spencer Loop

Now there are two kinds of bear sign ~ piles of half-digested berries and dayglow warnings from Rick Sinnott!

Despite these various signs, Karen was determined to ride Spencer Loop .. essentially doing a tour of every place the mama bear with cubs has tried to attack some hapless runner or biker. Diana and I took pictures along the way to help the authorities trace our route in case anything should happen to all 9 divas on the ride.

A report of the bears down by the creek did cause a detour early on. We watched the creek banks as we started the loop but were soon too busy huffing and puffing up Wall Street to be concerned about bears. We did the main loops first and then hit Double Bubble to add some distance.

Bonnie asked, "Is that all of Spencer Loop? I've never done all of it."

"Well, no, there is the big hill at the very beginning that we skipped so we could go down to the creek"

"Let's do it."

So one more hill, then back to the parking lot for 2 kinds of iced tea and one kind of iced cookie. Thanks Bonnie, Katherine, and Rae.

Katherine, Rae, Anne, and Bonnie after their first full tour of Spencer Loop.

Diana in the bear-free zone on top of Wall Street.

Karen shows off her Diva freckles and polka dots.

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