Thursday, August 21, 2008

mmm mud!

Guess I should have looked at my own post from earlier in the week about not forgetting my fenders. It would have helped at last night's ride.

Didn't really need it early in the ride as we zipped around on some singletracks and some wider trails. Then... we rode down Black Bear Trail. After the first big wheel-sucking puddle most of us stopped worrying about how muddy and splashed we were getting. Normally, I'd avoid the muddy trails, but it's not like any of us were going to turn around and climb back up that hill.

So, mud it was until after Moose Meadow when we joined the Tour trail and finished our ride.

Thanks everyone for showing up. Thanks for the cookies and muffins & thanks for following our twisty, turny ride through Bicentennial Park. Group photo to follow...

Also, for the record book - Sweep of the Year title goes to Bonnie for finding the seat bag left on the trail after Gloria crashed her bike in the slippery mud. Good eyes, Bonnie!

All trail signs were obeyed, despite the day's news of the suspect sow being shot at Stuckagain.

posted timely by rose; photo additions by corinne

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