Friday, April 9, 2010

Divas in the morning

Seven of us rolled out of bed very early this morning to volunteer at the KSKA fund drive this morning. We didn't get any air time, but the people in the studio, including the infamous Bede Trantina, did mention us several times as the "Dirt Divas, mountain bike enthusiasts." We were mostly clean this morning but we did tell one of the on-air fundraisers that sometimes we live up to our club's name and come home muddy after a ride. One Diva said that her husband hoses her off in the driveway before letting her into the house. The rest of us weren't sure if that's because she gets dirty or fiesty. Guess who?

We answered calls from 28 generous people who support public radio. They pledged over $4700 in the time we were there. Answering the calls was fun, whether it was a former governor, someone we knew, or just a stranger who agrees that KSKA makes their life better. Maybe Jamie can talk a few of us into getting up early, some of us on our day off, to answer phones when the fall pledge drive comes around.

Yippee ... it's Friday!

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