Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gold Nugget route pre-ride

This year, the Gold Nugget Triathlon (GNT) returns to Elmendorf AFB for the bike portion of the race. Tight base security can make it a challenge for women who want to train by pre-riding the course but don't have ties to the local military bases. I spoke with Lisa Keller, one of the organizers of the event, and she told me the options: 1) if you know someone on base, they can host you as you ride the course; 2) the Tri Club is organizing a pre-ride, so you can check their site to find out more about joining them; or 3) we will be offering a pre-ride the Wednesday before the race.

The important details:
Bonnie has volunteered to coordinate this ride because she has base access (huge thank-you, Bonnie!). However, she needs to provide a list of rider names to the people at the gate one week before the ride. If your name is not on the list, you cannot ride on base. We plan to have a second ride leader available to accommodate those who show up whose names aren't on the list with an alternate route on the Glen Highway Trail and Arctic Valley Road.

If you're doing the pre-ride, be sure to bring your identification so you can show it at the gate if asked. Please email us by the end of the day on May 4 with the following info: name as it appears on your driver's license; license number; email address; and phone number. Bonnie will contact you with instructions before the day of the ride. Space is limited, so send your information to: alaskadirtdivas at sign yahoo dot com

Alright, you may now install your aerobars!

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*this post was updated to provide more detailed information about base access. - rose

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