Tuesday, May 31, 2011

bear aware 2: bike-mounted bear spray

After the terrible bear attacks on bikers and runners a few years ago, I started carrying bear spray in my bottle cage. The method that works for me is placing a spray bottle and holster in the cage and strapping the holster to the tube. A beer koozy might also work to hold a spray can, especially one in a holster, in the cage without a strap.

Wendy uses a water bottle to hold her bear spray. We'll try to get photos of that option, too.

Ride with confidence on the trails this summer! And be smart about where you ride.


Leigh Anne said...
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Leigh Anne said...

I have done that in the past too and road the other day with my ipod hooked up to a small speaker. It was great listening to music instead of yelling out to warn bears.

Phil B said...

Great bike! Same as my ride. Love me the NRS.

I've been riding with my spray on the waist belt of my Camelback, on my left, with the strap over the top of the spray undone and ready for use, if needed.

Thus far, I find that my maniacal yelling for joy while whizzing down the trails have scared off all wildlife and most human life. Although, Leigh Anne's solution might work well as well.