Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring Formal, 2011

My goodness it's a busy time of year! And hard to believe it's time for the annual Spring Formal. I spent part of today cleaning my commuter bike of the spring break-up crud, lubing the chain and making sure I still have a little floral decoration for the handlebars. Isn't that the best way to celebrate spring, by sprucing up the bike?

Besides preparing the bike, I gathered my faux pearls and made a few repairs so they won't break off during the ride tomorrow (Wednesday, the 4th). It's possible this is our tenth year for the Formal. Our group was originally founding in 2000 and we began the Formal the next spring (I think) as a way to kick off May in festive style, making use of some frilly, shiny or otherwise dressy outfits that had lingered in the backs of our closets or been found at Value Village.

I've seen satin and lace, baubles and boas, shiny tights and tiaras - all parading along the Coastal Trail on the first Wednesday in May. Of course, everyone is being safe by wearing a helmet and making sure nothing catches in the chain (wedding trains not recommended).

The ride starts at 6pm, then we head to Snow Goose for refreshments. Rumor has it there will be prizes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for no rain. Meanwhile, I wonder what I could wear over my rain jacket?

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Alaska's Dirt said...

Have fun! I will be thinking about the ruckus down the trail caused by all the queen Divas.....Katherine