Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another wonderful evening on a bike

The emails this morning after riding Powerline had the subject line "Another wonderful day on a bike." I agree that the ride last evening was great. But Powerline is my favorite Divas ride each summer so I may not be an objective reviewer. The weather and scenery were so beautiful that I didn't even make it to the lake. I won't sign up to lead this ride again because I stop too much to take photographs. Thanks to Wendy for leading the 2nd group; I like to think that I was leading the sightseers at the back of the pack.

This was the first Powerline ride where the majority - the vast majority - of Divas descended down to Prospect, Hillside, or other points to the north. Thanks to Bonnie for waiting to see if Jo-Ann and I were going to make it back to the parking lot. We'd like to institute a new rule that there have to be tea and cookies at the end for the leader and sweep (wait - how did the co-leader end up back with the sweep?).

Anyway, here are a few of my photos:

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Greg Heil said...

Looks like a gorgeous ride!