Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moose Hill

Yesterday was a beautiful evening for a ride in Kincaid. With showers in the mountains on the east side of Anchorage, the Divas delighted in the warmth and sunshine on the west side. Bev volunteered to lead, with Rose* and Bonnie helping out (plus, other Divas stepped in to do a little route finding after we missed a turn).

Mama with two of this year's calves.

In case there was any question regarding how the trail got it's name, we surprised three moose who were minding their own business, resting near Moose Hill, part of the Jodhpur Trail. After a few kind words directed toward them, they allowed us to pass, no questions asked.

*Rose here. In my defense, I've only biked at Kincaid once this year! Besides, taking wrong turns is the best way to really learn the trails.

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