Sunday, August 14, 2011

logo time

How exciting is this? We have our new logo design! Through the merging of ideas & creative input, plus a graphic designer to make it come to life, the design is in its final stage: getting the colors right. And this fall we'll have tech tee shirts and a long-sleeve cotton tee that people can order and wear before the snow flies (in town that is).

Here's the black & white design:Chainring: check. Pearls: check. Girl climbing a mountain: check.

It will be sublimated onto royal purple tech tees and onto a lilac long-sleeve cotton tee. We chose white and magenta as the design colors so it'll really stand out and look quite classy against the purple.

Thanks to everyone who helped out and kept it going when you probably would have rather been biking, especially: Katherine, Lori, Anne, Carey (graphic designer). We'll post some pics when we have the shirts!


corinne said...

love that new logo! thank you thank you

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Saha William said...

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