Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Denali weekend

With huge apologies to JoAnn and Corrine who got wet when they went 2 weekends ago - we had a spectacular sunny weekend riding in Denali National Park!  The sky was blue blue blue and we were not!

Diane, Patti, Dora and Nancy - along with a few friends and spouses - stayed dry and happy as we made our way into the park.  Wildlife was abundant!!

We had frequent wildlife encounters with grizzlies (some with cubs),  moose and herds of caribou!

Look at that BLUE sky!!! Dora and Patti were all too happy to pose at Sable Pass after the long climb up and up and up.

Photos by Dora and Nancy - Dora took the awesome photo of the mama with 3 cubs!!

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corinne said...

Wow! So glad you all had such an awesome day for your ride.