Monday, May 11, 2015

Denali Park Road

Corinne and I braved the rain. Yes, it started raining on our ascent to Sable Pass and rained all the way up and until we were almost back to our cars. It was very wet. Also, it is almost 9 miles to Sable Pass, not 7.5 as I thought, so 18 miles round trip. I underestimated. I will be wrong again, never fear. The road is in good condition for those of you heading up next weekend. May your ride be “not too windy” and “not too rainy” which makes for an awesome ride.

4 miles in at Igloo where we took off clothes because 45 and dry is warm riding weather

smaller creeks were flowing but still snow filled

here's where the rain started just before the steepest part of the climb.  this is where we were reminded that 45 and raining is cold.

just a little soggy at the top
words by Jo-Ann, photos and captions by Corinne

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