Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 June 2008 A Tale of Two Rides

From Jamie, the leader ~

The Little Lost Fairy has been following us the past two rides, I'm afraid. She has been waving her magic wand over the back of the group!

We waited and waited (24 minutes) then decided to hightail it back to the parking lot to see if you were there. It was 7:59PM and we had only ridden 1.71 miles, and I nearly had a tantrum when someone suggested that perhaps we were through for the night. We should have initially gone the way that Bev (a.k.a. "Don't Look at Me to Be a Ride Leader, I Don't Know My Way Around") said to go on our usual ride route. Unfortunately, *I* (a.k.a. "I Don't Really Know My Way Around, But I Can Fake It") was appointed the leader. Too bad for everyone!! I decided to take a path I've never been on that went down to Little Campbell Lake, and across a long wooden bridge. At the end of the bridge and top of the hill, I went LEFT at the fork in the path. The Divas behind me went LEFT. Somewhere, somehow, somebody didn't wait.

Unfortunately, the Little Lost Fairy waited at the fork, picked it up, and jabbed a moose with it. That Fairy is EVIL!! I heard her cackling behind some trees! Because it happened two more times!! We got separated another TWO times!!!

We also went down Roller Coaster, pedaled a little Mize, then hit the Stadium (I was in my granny gear trying to get across that area in the 82 knot headwind), did part of the Daisy Chain and Little Niagara. While we were fighting the wind in the Stadium, someone said, "Hey, why don't we just take the pavement right back to the Raspberry Parking Lot?" I didn't see who said that, because I was trying to keep my bike upright against the hurricane, but I told them we were the DIRT Divas, not the PAVEMENT Divas. Plus, I wanted to see the new biathlon range. The wind was completely INSANE! What the ^*>#@+ is the deal with this weather?! Thank goodness we got back to the cars for yummy Chai, homemade ginger cookies, muffins, and watermelon! YIPPEE! That was the best part of the entire ride! Of course, there also wasn't a mosquito within sixty miles of us either....

Hope to see everyone next week! I'd like to brainstorm something to keep this from happening the for the third time. Any suggestions? Besides Little Lost Fairy Exterminator Spray?

from Karen, the other leader ~

Yes, a bunch of us got lost. Me, Bev, Gloria, Marcia and I forget the other lady's name (sorry). We were waylaid by a moose so all hope of catching up with the larger group was lost. We were ok tho as we stuck together and had a good, albeit cold and windy, ride anyway. Did roller coaster and half of the Mize loop. Hightailed it back to the Raspberry parking lot via the paved trail. We were back to the parking lot by 8:30 and went home, too cold to stick around. The young ladies brought muffins, bless their hearts. Got your note Jamie. We'll see y'all next week. Hopefully it'll be warmer.


Alaska's Dirt said...

thanks got us there and back....but now that you live in the area, we are expecting a grand tour the next time! katherine (wish she knew more about the trails Diva........)

bikegirl said...

Zoom in on that photo & you'll see the fork on the "trail." Remember the rule: when you get to a fork in the trail, make sure the rider behind you sees where you went.

Maybe we can put giant slinkies between the bikes so people are connected and if they get too spread out the slinkies will pull them back!