Friday, June 27, 2008

brown bear takes it

We started out with 10. Ready to tackle some singletrack including notorious Brown Bear Trail. We all made it... but Mary Kay's derailleur hanger didn't. So she single-speeded her bike to ride back to the trailhead... and this was just after she wanted to do the trail again! You go, girl!
The rest of the ride was a mix of more singletrack connected by some wider trails. Thanks everyone for not mutinying while we were hiking through the squishy ground on Moose Bone... not a place you want to get lost because every Alaskans' fave insects were out in full force.

I must tell you that after some changes on Brown Bear earlier this season, the trail is in great condition with improved flow and fewer places where you have to dismount the bike... so, if you haven't been on it lately, go check it out again. It's worth it.Thanks Mary for taking this group shot where the Bears meet.

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