Monday, September 29, 2008

Eklutna fall colors

At the start of the trip.

Friday afternoon five divas pedaled to the Serenity Hut at Eklutna Lake. Gloria, Jo-Ann, Corinne, Bev and I took in the sunshine and views of the fall leaves and glacier-fed lake. Corinne's husband, Paul, joined us for the day trip. He graciously took group photos with at least three cameras - here's one of them:We took our time... and took lots of photos, marveling at our good fortune after a summer enduring countless rain showers during group rides.


Jo-Ann, on her Trice recumbent, who is responsible for rescheduling this trip. Thanks!

This is me pulling my BOB - I'm pretty darn happy!

We shared the cabin with a couple bemused hunters that night. They kept their distance, being outnumbered as they were...

Next day we went for a day hike up the valley to get closer to the glacier.
Corinne, Bev, Gloria, Jo-Ann

Alas, the trail disappeared into steep, loose rock before we could see the moving mass of ice. After a snack and a bit of hiking upward to get some better views, we headed back to the cabin where we met the newly-arrived Saturday gang: Karen, Ann, Terrie and Katherine. Lori and Stacey and friends joined as day-trippers.
One view of the Serenity Hut.

We shared snacks and hot beverages in the sun on the back deck of the cabin before waving so-long to our guests and settling in for another evening. Dinner, a hike. Star-gazing. We hit the forbidden subjects: politics, religion, puberty and shoes.

Sunday morning made three in a row with more sun and cool temperatures. Coffee. Pancakes with blueberries. Clean-up, then the ride out. I don't know if anyone really wanted to leave.

Thanks everyone for organizing and pitching in to make this a fantastic weekend. Special shout-out to Mother Nature: "Thanks, sister; it was great!"

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bikegirl said...

For the stargazers, here's a link to the myth of Cassiopeia & the constellation with her name.

I'm sure you can find more if you care to research further.


corinne said...

I echo that shoutout to Mother Nature and add -- glad to see you're feeling better!

paul said...

Great site gal's.. I posted a link to your blog on the Alaska Outdoors Info forum at in the cycling section. We have a few gals over there interested in cycling and while this is a new forum it is starting to grow.

Paul Hansen - also at