Thursday, September 18, 2008

Racing sunset and the rain

Divas gather at the top of a hill

Sometimes it's hard to believe that any place on earth is more beautiful than our little corner of Alaska. That's what I kept thinking last night as we biked through the spectacular fall colors of the Campbell Tract and Bicentennial Park -- extensive red carpets of dogwood, brilliant yellow aspen leaves, deep golds of the birch trees, and the constant verdant green of our spruce.

The rain did not dampen my appreciation of this place and it didn't seem to dampen anybody else's enthusiasm to hit the 10 mile mark.

And we did that. We started pedalling up Viewpoint and up up Homestead to the Hillside Loops. Then we looped around the Abbott Multi-Use, Besh, Lighted, and Service Loops back to Homestead. Back on the Campbell Tract, we gave up hills for the windy narrow paths of Lynx, Moose Track, and Salmon Run. We returned to the parking lot right at sunset (8:16 pm).

Thanks, Divas, for a great ride!

Photos by Rose:snow creeping lower

for gloria

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bikegirl said...

Such a fun ride & a great turn out despite the rain.
Thanks for leading it and for writing this post.
I've posted a few pics. Just think, a week from now we'll be heading out to the cabin.