Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rainy at Kincaid

Twelve of us started from the Raspberry Trailhead in a light sprinkle. Lori and Michelle co-led us on a wonderful tour, including Roller Coaster, Mize Loop, and Margaux's Loop. The rain never stopped, though it did get stronger at times. The trails looked slick but no one wiped out, not even on Little Niagara.

I was lucky to be wearing my fabulous harlot shorts. They shed water and were completely dry at the end of the ride! Lori made an erroneous comparison of these very stylish shorts to a postal uniform. Here I present a side-by-side comparison for your review (stylish harlots on left; utilitarian uniform on right):

Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, or snow, can keep a Diva off the trails!

1 comment:

bikegirl said...

Lori -
I can't believe you'd make such a comparison. The harlots move with you with their stretch side panels. So comfy & so not like the postal shorts! (I'm impressed w/the water shedding; I have the knickers and haven't used them much in the rain yet).
If anyone wants to check these babies out in person, just stop by Paramount.
glad it was a good ride. wish I could have been there... hope to see you next week.